Private Label Eye Products

What Are Private Label Eye Products?

In the intricate era of eye care cosmetics, selecting a trusted manufacturing partner is vital for the success of any private label brand. For these reasons, skincare brands have collaborated with white-label manufacturers to establish their significant presence in the market.

Private label eye care products, also referred to as white-label eye products, are eye creams, serums, gels, or masks that are manufactured by a third-party company but sold under another brand's name. These companies specialize in formulating and creating these eye care products, allowing other companies to focus on creating their own brand identity and marketing.

At Urist Cosmetics, we specialize in offering private label eye care cosmetics that address common concerns while nurturing and protecting the delicate skin around your eyes. Our dedicated team conducts ongoing research to ensure your private label products not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. We meticulously align our customers' preferences with our brand’s philosophy, ensuring that each product we co-develop authentically resonates with them.

Unique Benefits of Our Private Label Eye Care Products

Eye care products play a crucial role in nourishing the skin, keeping it moisturized, and preventing dullness. At Urist Cosmetics, we feature products in the Clean Beauty and the new Clinical Beauty category.

Read further to know why products result in repeat sales.

1. Clinically Tested

We follow strict quality control measures and conduct rigorous testing on each of our products. Our in-house team of experienced chemists practices constant R&D to remain updated with the market trends. Backed by reliable clinical and scientific studies, we guarantee that our private label eye care products are suitable for all skin types.

2. Customized For Your Brand

We provide an unparalleled customization process on our range of private label eye products. As experts in streamlining the process for sellers to launch high-quality skincare products to the market, we offer a selection of our proven Stock Formulas for you to choose from. Also, according to requests, we make custom formulas tailored to your specifications.

3. Cost-Effective

With our comprehensive inventory, including manufacturing, research, and development in place, you can significantly save your substantial investments. So do not worry about collaborating with us, we absolutely understand the value for money and are committed to providing exceptional quality and efficiency.

4. Advanced Formulations with High-Quality Ingredients

We prioritize the use of high-quality, gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients in all our products. Whether it’s popular ingredients like Vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, bakuchiol, microbiome-friendly, or mushroom and certified organic extracts for 100% hydration, we choose ingredients that provide tangible results to the delicate skin around the eye area.

5. Product Range

Our private label skincare collections include categories for skin brightening, anti-aging, clean beauty, eye firming, body care, thinning hair, beard care, and our new ‘Dropper Age-Defying Serum ‘line. You can place minimum orders in your selected categories and customize formulations, packaging, and branding to align with your market needs and brand identity.

Our Private Label Eye Care Products

Our eye care segment offers a promising avenue for innovation within the private label industry. Incorporating private label eye products into our comprehensive skincare range helps us address the distinct needs of the eye area, enhancing the overall effectiveness of skincare routines, meeting consumer expectations, and supporting a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

1. The Complete Eye Gel

Formulated for sensitive, delicate skin, this lightweight private label eye gel is completely oil-free and fragrance-free. Made with three scientifically-documented France-patented ingredients like Haloxyl, Matrixyl, and Eyeliss. This product offers a silky smooth texture on your skin.

Matrixyl, the peptide in this product, helps to reduce smooth, fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. The patented Haloxyl makes dark circles and under-eye shadows disappear. Lastly, Eyeliss helps to banish puffiness while improving the supple skin tone around the eyes.

The most interesting part of this product is it can be worn at any time even alone or under makeup. As this product leaves no greasy residue, so there’s no chance for it to cause skin irritation. Therefore, if you’re looking for a go-to solution to treat puffiness, fine lines, or dark circles, this under-eye gel is a must-have for you.

2. Rapid Effect Eye Gel

As the name suggests, ‘Rapid Effect Eye Gel,’ this private label eye care product offers immediate and long-term solutions. Within just 5 minutes, you can get hydrated, brightened, tightened, wrinkle-free, and supple skin after using this product.

Further, if used for the long term, this product smoothens fine lines and reduces dark circles and puffiness, thereby leaving the skin rejuvenated and refreshed. Made with Sesaflash, a patented molecular ingredient from France, this product offers 60% more hydration to your skin. This active molecule reverses the signs of aging on your skin.

Hence, whether you are 30 or 60, this eye gel will provide immediate benefits through its gratifying effects. If you are already experiencing issues like under-eye bags, fine lines, or puffiness, this product can instantly reduce their appearance. On the other hand, if you don't have any such issues yet, it can prevent them from developing in the future.

3. Super Green Eye Serum

With 70% organic content, this private label eye serum combines France patented ingredients like, Haloxyl, Eyeliss, and Matrixyl. The most important key ingredient used here is Apple Stem Cell extract, which is based on the stem cells of a rare Swiss Apple. Apart from this, other ingredients used in this Super Green Eye Serum include sodium hyaluronate, shea butter, organic extracts of aloe, olive leaf, and chamomile.

This private label eye serum not only removes dark circles but also smoothens fine lines, making your eyes look and feel bright and fresh. Formulated with the most potent natural ingredients, this serum performs miracles and is truly ahead of its time.

The active ingredients added in this formula make it fast-absorbing, lightweight, and oil-free and demonstrate its anti-wrinkle and age-delaying effects. So, if you’re planning to nourish and hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes, then this is your ideal solution!

Keep the Spark of Eye Care Shining with Urist Cosmetics

In this generation, where beauty and self-care are essential, launching a private label eye cream business would be a wonderful idea. From customization and cost-efficiency to market agility and brand building, this enterprise paves the way for success in the growing beauty industry.

To get started, explore our extensive range of Stock Formulas, which allow for low minimum orders and quick market entry. Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and successful launch. When you partner with Urist Cosmetics, you’ll understand the experience we carry in high-end skincare. We accept low MOQs, enabling small businesses to launch and scale their private label skincare.

Allow Urist Cosmetics to be your one-stop solution for bringing your private label eye care products to life, with the support of our scientists, dermatologists, and skincare experts.

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