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Stock Formulas

With over 60 years of formulating experience, we believe we’re one of the top private label skin care companies you can find. We have hundreds of stock formulas available for your white label and private label needs.

The advantages of using stock formulas are:

  • low minimums (100 to 500 units depending upon product and packaging)
  • fast product introductions
  • no product development costs

Just because these are stock formulas, it doesn’t mean they are ordinary. Consumers love them, and they sell continuously across different retail channels.

Our stock formulas contain the most modern, marketable ingredients available, sourced from around the world, including France and Switzerland. You will find that our ready-to-sell cosmetics are the perfect fit for your business, and you need nothing more to satisfy your market!

With our stock formula private label skincare, you can focus on business management, marketing, and sales – the really creative, fun aspects of being an Indie skin care company.

Custom Formulas

If one of our stock white label products does not meet your needs, we are fully-equipped to develop a custom formula to precisely satisfy your requirements. A custom beauty product is suitable for customers who require:

  • a unique, or specially-focused product, made to individual specifications
  • an exclusive product

We specialize in developing high-quality, naturally-derived cosmetics for a wide variety of markets, including:

  • internet-based businesses (such as Amazon resellers)
  • direct sales (television, mail order, multi-level marketing, craft markets)
  • retail stores (health food, skin care salons, spas, medical offices, mass market)

Feel free to discuss your custom, private label requirements with us. We assure you that your ideas are kept in the strictest confidence. Our goal is to make you successful when starting a skincare business.


We understand that good packaging is just as important as the product itself. For this reason, we have made a special effort to offer our stock formulas in stylish packaging, which will stand out, distinguishing your product from the competition.

Packaging consists of several aspects: product container, label setup and design, label printing, and an optional box.

For the container, Urist Cosmetics offers a nice selection of stock containers. If one of our stock containers does not suit your requirements, you may supply your own container from another packaging supplier.

If you are able to fill and package the products at your end, we can supply most of our products in bulk. For some other labs and established companies, we are their bulk skin care product manufacturers.

We have label templates for all of our stock formula products. If your design and text will remain similar to our label templates, our designer can set these up for you. If not, you may feel free to ask your own designer to provide labels for you.

As private label skin care manufacturers, we outsource to a digital, high-resolution label printing company. The labels are always laminated for protection.

If you wish to package your products in individual boxes, we can recommend a cosmetic box manufacturer that offers reasonable prices, minimums, and good service.