Amazon has become a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs in the Beauty category.

We are currently manufacturing products under private label for a number of very successful Amazon resellers.  Many of our best customers have taken an Amazon selling course and, applying the information they have learned, are achieving excellent results.

For the beginner Amazon reseller, the ‘rules’ required by Amazon can be very intimidating, ranging from getting approved in the beauty category to the mechanics of shipping the products to the various Amazon locations. From our experience, we can assist the beginner Amazon reseller through much of this process so you can focus your attention on products sales  and marketing rather than focus on the mechanics dealing with Amazon.

All of our products offer good profit potential. We distinguish ourselves from other companies by offering our customers excellent clinical data for the key ingredients in the products. This is very valuable information for your marketing.  This will distinguish you from much of the competition who do not use clinical scientific information to back up their claims

We suggest reviewing our stock formula product page to see which products would suit you.