Amazon has become a golden opportunity for many entrepreneurs in the Beauty category.  We currently manufacture products under private label for many successful Amazon resellers.

For the beginner Amazon reseller, the ‘rules’ required by Amazon can be very intimidating, ranging from getting approved in the beauty category to the mechanics of shipping the products to the various Amazon locations.

Amazon approval is not as fast or straightforward as it once was. This approval process requires you to work with a partner like us who can assist and guide you.

For new products, Amazon requires specific documentation: typically, a front and back photo of the product, an invoice from the manufacturer of the product, an MSDS or SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet) for that product, and a batch-specific Certificate Analysis for the product. 

The acceptance rate for our clients on Amazon is high but cannot be guaranteed. Amazon sets its guidelines about which vendors and products they will accept for the Beauty Category. Sometimes Amazon does not allow a product to sell in the Beauty category even though it would be suitable according to FDA or Health Canada cosmetic regulations.

Since Amazon listing approval is not guaranteed, Amazon should not be your only selling method.

Our stock formula products feature the best-selling and highest-searched ingredients on Amazon and Google, all offering good profit potential. We distinguish ourselves by providing our clients with excellent clinical data that will separate your products from much of the competition who do not use clinical scientific information to back up their claims.

We suggest reviewing our stock formula product page to see which products suit your marketing needs and interests.