Most of our stock formula products are available in bulk, packaged in 20 kg. pails. This is a 44 lb. pail or more commonly known as a 5-gallon pail. Two of our most popular products supplied in bulk are Vitamin C Serum and hyaluronic acid Serum.

Bulk Packaging for Customized Products

Bulk Packaging is suitable for clients who wish to customize the products at their end by adding unique and popular ingredients.

We can provide technical assistance to help our clients mix their additives of choice into our stock products.

Bulk Packaging for Cost Savings and Flexibility

Bulk Packaging is also suitable for clients who can package and label at their end. There is a significant cost saving for products purchased in pails rather than individually packaged containers. 

As an example of the great profit potential of bulk purchased products, we can supply our popular Super Green Eye Serum with 70% organic content in a bulk 20 kg. pail. Purchased in bulk, Super Green Eye Serum works out to around $1.00 per ½ oz. (15 ml.) container – the most common size for an eye product.

Minimum order for Bulk Packaged Skin Care Products

For most products, there is a 1 X 20 kg. pail minimum. For some products  (such as shampoo, hair conditioner, bath and shower gel, and body lotion) there is a 3 X 20 kg. pail minimum.

To give an estimate of what you will obtain from a 20 kg. pail: 

  • 1300 X ½ oz. (15 ml.) containers
  • 650 X 1 oz. (30 ml.) containers
  • 400 X 1.7 oz. (50 ml.) containers
  • 160 X 4 oz. (120 ml.) containers 

Packaging of Bulk-Purchased Products

Packaging components are available from many sources. The following three suppliers have a good selection of stock packaging which may be purchased directly from their websites:

  1. APC Packaging
  2. E.D. Luce Packaging
  3. SKS Bottle and Packaging

Labeling of Bulk-Purchased Products

Urist Cosmetics can supply label templates for our stock formula product to assist you with the setup of the label at your end. We can also do a text review of your label so the wording is suitable for a cosmetic product.