Butt Enhancement Cream with Adifyline®

Butt Enhancement Cream with Adifyline®

Physical appearance has a significant impact on self-esteem, particularly women concerning the size and shape of their buttocks. A well-rounded, shapely derriere is an enduring symbol of attractiveness. A square or flat bottom can deter people from wearing tight clothing with confidence. Thousands of women undergo Buttock Augmentation surgery every year usually prompted from self-esteem issues. While a topical product is no substitute for surgery, some woman may achieve benefit from a topical product without needing to resort to something more radical.

Butt  Enhancement Cream contains a combination of natural ingredients to make the buttocks appear firmer, fuller, and more uplifted.

The key ingredient Adifyline® is a hexapeptide (known as acetyl hexapeptide-38)  created by the Spanish company Lipotec, a well-known worldwide expert in advanced active ingredients for skin and hair care. Adifyline® increases the volume look of adipose tissue in specific areas such as breasts, buttocks, and cheeks, thus providing a better appearance to the face and a curvy figure.

For innovation in the design of ADIFYLINE®, Lipotec won a silver award in the Innovation Best Ingredient Award at the 2011 In-cosmetics Asia Tradeshow.

A detailed clinical brochure about Adifyline® can be provided upon request.

Butt  Enhancement Cream with Adifyline®  is the most advanced product available for firming, lifting, tightening, toning and enhancing the look and curves of the buttocks.

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Stock Packaging

  • 4oz. / 120 ml. white plastic jar with all silver top, or white-domed top (shown in photo)


Apply a quarter size of cream onto desired area. Apply twice a day, morning and evening using circular motions until absorbed for six months. A good time to use is after showering while skin is warm for best absorption.


Key Ingredient: Adifyline®*
* Adifyline® is a trademark of Lipotec S.A.U.

Bulk Private Label Skincare

Most of our stock formula products are available in bulk, packaged in 20 kg. pails. This is a 44 lb. pail or more commonly known as a 5-gallon pail. Purchasing products in bulk will satisfy those clients who wish to customize products by adding unique and popularingredients at their end. Purchasing in bulk also provides clients with associated packaging flexibility and costs savings.

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For stock formulas our minimum order is 250 units per product.

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Bulk Private Label Skincare

Most of our stock formula products are available in bulk, packaged in 20 kg. pails. This is a 44 lb. pail or more commonly known as a 5-gallon pail. Two of our most popular products supplied in bulk are Vitamin C Serum and hyaluronic acid Serum.