Body Shaping Gel with Slimexir®

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Body Shaping Gel with Slimexir®


Body Shaping Gel with Slimexir®*

  • Targets waist, arms, hips, & thighs
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Refines body contours

Results you can see and measure:
Clinical studies on Slimexir®*, one of the key ingredients in Body Shaping Gel, give results which can be seen and measured:

Slimexir® is an ingenious combination of several components (including artichoke extract, caffeine and related compounds, and Levin) which work together to fight stubborn curves. Slimexir® has several modes of action which result in visible skin tightening and firming.
A detailed clinical brochure about Slimexir® can be provided upon request.
Body Shaping Gel combines Slimexir®*, with other naturally-derived ingredients (such as yerba mate extract, retinol, shea butter, and chamomile extract) to give truly outstanding results.

Bring Your Own Packaging

We stock a nice but limited choice of packaging options out of the multitude of possible packaging containers available. Some clients provide their own packaging components from their chosen packaging supplier. Minimums start at around 500 units when we fill our products into client provided packaging.

Worldwide Shipping

Once your order is complete, we work with a global logistics company to arrange the best and most economical shipping method depending upon order size/weight, destination location, and speed at which the order is required. For US bound orders there are no taxes or duties because of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

Customizable Formulas

If one of our stock formulas does not quite suit your requirements, we specialize in developing customized products. Many times we can make some simple modifications to one of our stock formulas to develop a customized product. This saves time and reduces the cost of research and development. Minimums are around 1000 units for a customized product.

  • Stock Packaging
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Stock Packaging

  • 120 ml. / 4 oz. white plastic jar with a white-domed, black-domed, white-domed with a silver band, or all silver cap (shown in photo).
  • 120 ml./ 4 fl. oz. cobalt blue heavy-walled plastic jar with white-domed, black-domed, white-domed with a silver band, or all silver cap.


Once or twice daily, apply and massage a generous amount of Body Shaping Gel onto problem areas (particularly waist, arms, hips, and thighs)


Key Ingredients: Slimexir®*, yerba mate extract, retinol, shea butter, chamomile extract
* Slimexir® is a trademark of Rahn USA Corp.

Minimum Orders

For stock formulas there is a 250 unit min. per product but if you order 3 or more products together there is a 100 unit min. per product.

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