Beard Oil

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Beard Oil

Beards are part of a growing category of the male grooming market, which sees more than $6 billion in sales annually, according to Euromonitor data. This has given rise to a category of products which cater to grooming the beard. Men growing beards are continuously trying to improve beard growth and maintenance. Beards – like the hair on your scalp – need to be maintained correctly, otherwise, they dry out, grow bacteria, or just become hard to manage.

Beard Oil combines Jojoba, Argan, Abyssinian seed, rosehip, and fractionated coconut oil. It is enriched with the addition of Vitamin E. Jojoba oil and rosehip oil is great for preserving moisture, while argan oil will revitalize dry beard hairs. The Abyssinian oil and fractionated coconut oil provides ease in combing. The added vitamin E provides many benefits. It helps beard hair growth, increases shine, moisturizes both skin and beard hair, and helps repair split ends.

Beard Oil maintains the beard’s moisture and softness. It also soothes and moisturizes the skin underneath.  The product is offered in two fragrances. One is a blend of essential oils with earthy undertones.  The second is a fragrance oil with a distinctive manly fragrance.

Bring Your Own Packaging

We stock a nice but limited choice of packaging options out of the multitude of possible packaging containers available. Some clients provide their own packaging components from their chosen packaging supplier. Minimums start at around 500 units when we fill our products into client provided packaging.

Worldwide Shipping

Once your order is complete, we work with a global logistics company to arrange the best and most economical shipping method depending upon order size/weight, destination location, and speed at which the order is required. For US bound orders there are no taxes or duties because of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

Customizable Formulas

If one of our stock formulas does not quite suit your requirements, we specialize in developing customized products. Many times we can make some simple modifications to one of our stock formulas to develop a customized product. This saves time and reduces the cost of research and development. Minimums are around 1000 units for a customized product.

Bulk Private Label Skincare

Most of our stock formula products are available in bulk, packaged in 20 kg. pails. This is a 44 lb. pail or more commonly known as a 5-gallon pail. Two of our most popular products supplied in bulk are Vitamin C Serum and hyaluronic acid Serum.

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Stock Packaging

  • 30 ml. / 1 fl. Oz. amber glass bottle with dropper.


Rub a few drops of oil (the amount depending upon length and thickness of beard) on palms of hand. Apply on beard starting from the root.


Key Ingredients:  jojoba oil*, abyssinnian oil,  fractionated coconut oil, argan oil,rose hip oil, vitamin E

Bulk Private Label Skincare

Most of our stock formula products are available in bulk, packaged in 20 kg. pails. This is a 44 lb. pail or more commonly known as a 5-gallon pail. Purchasing products in bulk will satisfy those clients who wish to customize products by adding unique and popularingredients at their end. Purchasing in bulk also provides clients with associated packaging flexibility and costs savings.

Minimum Orders

For stock formulas our minimum order is 250 units per product, but we offer a one time only "trial order" for 100 units each of 3 products maximum.

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