The Complete Age-Defying Serum


For Wrinkles and Fine-Lined Skin

Summary Product Description

Much more than a wrinkle cream, The Complete Age-Defying Serum is a highly advanced product that targets  seven main signs of aging skin. The product is light, oil-free, and absorbed quickly into the skin. Formulated to be a cosmetic alternative to facial injections, the serum contains a combination of cosmetically active patented ingredients from France. The product is also paraben-free to suit the latest consumer trends for more naturally-derived and safer cosmetic products.

Available Stock Packaging

  • 30 ml.  acrylic container with silver theme.


With fingertips using gentle upward strokes, smooth over cleansed skin until absorbed.  Use two times per day, morning and evening.

Detailed Product Description

The Complete Age-Defying Serum is a major advance in the complete care of younger looking skin.

The majority of anti-aging skin care treatments on the market today are directed  toward wrinkles. But targeting wrinkles  alone is not enough since wrinkles are only one sign of aging skin. The Complete Age-Defying Serum helps:

  1. Increase skin’s hydration/moisture balance
  2. Increase skin skin’s barrier function
  3. reduce pigmentation
  4. increase skin firmness and elasticity
  5. reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  6. decrease pore size
  7. reduce skin redness

The Complete Age-Defying Serum derives all these benefits from its unique combination of modern ingredients.

One of the key ingredients in the product, known as Renovage® (from France) is directed at all seven signs of aging skin.  For example, the photos below show the effect of Renovage® on skin redness in only one month.

Other studies with Renovage® demonstrate an  improvement in skin hydration and a reinforcement of the barrier function. Pigmented spots were lessened by -56% after 6 months.  Skin recovers its structure with +35% of firmness and +45% of tone in only 1 month. The appearance of lines and  wrinkles  were also reduced. The complete study is available on request.

Another key ingredient in the product is Matrixyl®, a patented ingredient from France that has shown to decrease wrinkle depth up to 68%! The study also demonstrated the positive, measurable effects of Matrixyl® for decreasing: wrinkle volume, wrinkle density, wrinkle depth and surface area of deep wrinkles.

Overall, The Complete Age-Defying Serum is the most complete, single, skin care product available for  more youthful looking skin and  an alterative to cosmetic injections without irritation, needles, or surgery.

Key Ingredients

Matrixyl®, Renovage™, Hyaluronic Acid

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