Super Green Multiple Benefits Body Lotion


Super Green

Summary Product Description

Super Green Multiple Benefits Body Lotion delivers multiple benefits as it moisturizes, softens, protects and soothes. Containing a combination of natural ingredients such as shea butter and certified organic extracts of chamomile extract, aloe, and olive leaf, the cream is light, non-greasy, and well absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. The product is paraben-free to meet important consumer demands for milder and safer products. It is fragranced with natural essential oils.

Available Stock Packaging

  • 240 ml./ 8 fl. Oz. white cylindrical bottle with silver dispensing top.


Massage over your body using gentle circular motions once or twice daily or as needed.


Contains 70% Organic Content

Each and every ingredient contained in Multiple Benefits Body Lotion is:

  1. Certified organic by Ecocert or NPA (Natural Product Association) or
  2. Classified as a very safe plant-derived ingredient according to the Environment Working Group Cosmetics database or
  3. 100% naturally-derived

A complete ingredient listing is available upon request.

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