Rapid Effect Eye Gel


Special for Eyes

Summary Product Description

Rapid Effect Eye Gel provides immediate anti-wrinkle, lifting, firming, tightening, and hydrating effects making your eye area look younger in only 5 minutes after application! With longer term, regular use, the product gradually smooths fine lines, reduces puffiness, and reduces the appearance of dark circle around the eye area.

Available Stock Packaging

  • 15 ml. Acrylic Container with silver theme.
  • To suit customer requirements

Detailed Product Description

Rapid Effect Eye Gel is formulated to give immediate and longer term benefits.

Before Application (Left) – 5 Minutes After Application (Right)

The above photo shows the immediate anti-wrinkle effect of Sesaflash® a patented molecular active ingredient from France.

The majority of woman who took part in a clinical study reported other positive results between only 5 and 30 minutes after application of this exciting ingredient:

  • Smoother Skin – 100%
  • Softer Skin – 60%
  • More Lifted Skin – 60%
  • More Hydrated Skin – 60%
  • Firmer Skin – 100%
  • Anti-Wrinkle Effect – 100%

In addition to its shorter term, immediate effects,  Rapid Effect Eye Gel  has significant longer term benefits. The product combines three scientifically-documented patented ingredients from France: Matrixyl®, Haloxyl®, and Eyeliss®.

  • Matrixyl® – A well-known peptide (made in France) for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Haloxyl® – A key  ingredient (made in France) for reducing the appearance of dark circles.
  • Eyeliss® – A key ingredient (made in France) for reducing the appearance of puffy eyes.

More information about these ingredients are available upon request.


Use daily around eyes; alone or under make-up.

Key Ingredients

Matrixyl®, Haloxyl®, Eyeliss® Sesaflash®

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